West Harlem Digital Griots Program



Involves Harlem women and youth in film, television and media projects that express artistic and cultural values on themes of lasting significance, produced in a local context that engages Harlem residents with today’s vibrant media landscape. Outcomes include enhanced skill sets, time management, mastery of software and equipment, online portfolios and knowledge of production functions at various scales. Attract and promote African American, Latino, Asian American and Women media-makers who will create new projects with new skill sets and learning experiences. Through effective training techniques, hands-on and the use of technology, West Harlem Griots Program will begin to close the disparity which exists in the hiring of women and minorities in the fields of film, television, news, photography and web creation.


Jaffa Films’ media program will provide training, mentoring, internships, fellowships and production experience to women and minorities in news, television, film, tech, and photography. Interns will be closely mentored to achieve maximum results by correlating portfolio creation and classroom learning with field production.


The media world chokes opportunity prematurely: few women & minorities gain access to equipment, learn skills & gain confidence early enough to enter media career pipeline. Our program meets need to engage Harlem youth. We measure success through increased skills, motivation, educational enrollment, &

completion of productions. Latest industry figures show lack of media diversity: 63.7% of journalists = men; 72% of TV directors =white men; 2% = minority women. Women directed 4.1% of movies.

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