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An American female caricaturist and journalist who drew and interviewed the famous, the notorious, and the pioneering personalities of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The tale of a singular woman who follows her dreams from a rugged California frontier to a life filled with ambition, fame and tragic consequences in the Gilded age.

An artist whose life was as bold and startling as her work; a body of work which was lost for almost a century until now.

Kate Carew interviewed them all..

A historical documentary, produced by Jaffa Films, LLC

Director/Producer, Barnard Jaffier

Writer, Anna Jhirad

Editors, Lewis Erskine and Laia Cabrera

Animator/Illustrator, Franklyn Espinosa

Executive Producer, Samuel Pollard

Coming in 2013.

  1. admin says:


    I am so excited about this film. Wish you the best on the rough cut this winter. Saw the fund drive on indiegogo..can do $100 in January, more later.


  2. admin says:


    Looking forward to seeing this one, great story!! Never heard of her.
    Congrats on the Katrina documentary, nice write up?!!


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